About us

West Nile Press Association (WENPA) was formed in 2012 by a group of journalists in Arua after realizing that the journalists in the region did not have any forum that brought them together to front issues pertaining to the fraternity. At the time, journalists in Arua were embroiled in leadership and power wrangles that had gripped the then West Nile Association of Journalists leading to its demise giving birth to WENPA.

This was the time when most of the existing radios in the region sprung into the competition for the best journalists and media managers but neglected the need for a professional generation of reporters; journalists suffered under or no pay, lack of training and lack of a lobbying voice.

WENPA was formed to unite journalists through a united forum to push for professionalism and plight of journalists and lobby for opportunities to enhance the capabilities of journalists and promote the reporting of more local content from the West Nile Region in the media.

Subsequently we started the registration process where WENPA is registered as a Community Based Organization with Arua district. It is also registered with the National Non Governmental Organisation Forum (NGO Forum) and Uganda Registration Service Bureau.

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